Thursday, 22 March 2012

What would Central government have done if US Rejected Sonia Gandhi’s US Visa

USA rejected travel visa of one of the Chief Minister’s of India.
For the Central Government this rejection was not of one of the Chief Minister but of N Modi.
India is both a Union and Federal. When an External Country rejects a visa of a Federal Head then should the Union gloat over this fact or Protest with the External Country.
We never heard of MEA taking up this issue with USA. But in many TV Discussions we saw many Congress Party and Government spokesperson’s gloating over the rejection of the Visa.
Did internal politics made the government forget that the rejection of a Chief Minister’s visa is more embarrassing for the Union than anybody else.
This was not a Gujarati issue but an Indian Issue.
If tomorrow USA rejects Mrs Gandhis visa, will the government stay a mute spectator or will it protest to the extent of endangering external relations.
The government must protest in this case as Mrs Gandhi is the Political Head of the Central Government.
But then should they have not protested when N Modi’s visa was rejected. He might be their Political Opponent but he is a Federal Head first.


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