Sunday, 4 March 2012

Congress must not repeat the same mistake with Rahul that BJP did with Modi

Congress must not repeat the same mistake with Rahul that BJP did with Modi

Many Epics have been written over the Insane 2002 Gujarat Riots. As per the Congress party, Secular Activists and Secular TV Media Modi was directly responsible for the Carnage.

But to my very surprise nobody till now looked upon the Bio Data of N Modi. There lies a very strong reason on why 2002 were handled by the Gujarat government as they were.

N Modi joined BJP in 1987. By the End of 2001 he was chosen to be CM of Gujarat by BJP leadership.
Before Joining BJP, Modi worked with RSS. There was no Administration Experience as such.

When N Modi was made a chief minister he had no experience in State Administration. He was never a Minister before or had any Bureaucratic Experience.

The BJP Leadership thought he can be a good and effective CM because he has been able to rejuvenate the BJP Cadre in Gujarat.

But the BJP leadership did not think it was important for a CM to have at least some past administrative experience.

I think this In-experience was the main reason why Gujarat 2002 was not handled in an Ideal Administrative Riot Control Manner. No body has a magic sick to control riots effectively. It is the Experience of the Leadership that makes the administration effective.

The BJP or Gujarat government will never accept this as it will showcase them in a bad light.
The Congress party, Secular Activists and Secular TV Media don’t want to accept this as then they cannot make demon out of N Modi. As then it would become an Administrative failure because of In-Experience of the Gujarat Government.

Today we can say that N Modi is the best Administrator as well as the Best CM of India. Probably he learnt from his In-experience and no riots happened since then.

So what should be the price for and Administration In-Experience?

If we go back into history and look at the Sikh Riots, Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi was also In-Experienced and the administration was not able to control riots effectively.

So how does all this now links to Congress Party. We have been hearing the Rahul for PM Campaign by all senior Congress Leaders. Mr Jaiswal wants to give the crown at midnight just like the Midnight Stroke of Independence.

Rahul is also working in the Party. He is trying to rejuvenate the Congress Cadre. Trying to Rebuild Youth Congress. But do we know anything related to his Administration Capabilities. The PM is a much serious Post in comparison to a CM. Do we want to revisit the debate because of Administration In-Experience in Future? Will India pay again for Leadership In-Experience in Future?

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