Friday, 15 June 2012

Thank you Mamta for letting the president Nominee out of the COTERIE

Thank you Mamta for letting the president Nominee out of the COTERIE

A Lot of people have been criticizing Mamata for disclosing the participants of the UPA Presidential Nominee. She is now standing alone as she got the word out of the COTERIE.

She is a Grass root leader. I believe she speaks openly and does not believe in the COTERIE culture. And probably she felt it was important for the citizens of this country know on what is happening with the Highest Post of this country.

Today if the word is out that all the credit goes to Mamta. If she wouldn’t have had that interaction then i am sure that today also we all would have been speculating and would have been waiting to hear from the COTERIE.

But as a citizen of this country don’t I deserve to know who my President Nominees are.  Every day Media was speculating on the Possible Nominees. The decision was being taken by the COTERIE. We as citizens were hoping that one day the COTERIE will let us know who will it be.

Should we penalise Mamta for not following the COTERIE Politics or embrace her for actually believing in Democracy (Taking it out to the People).

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