Thursday, 21 June 2012

In China, communists killed Buddhism; In India Pseudo Secularists want to kill Hinduism

In China, communists killed Buddhism; In India Pseudo Secularists want to kill Hinduism

Every Indian regardless of his religion, faith, belief, cast or creed must have a special sensitivity towards Hinduism.

The Pseudo Secularists and many activists will consider the above statement as a very communal.

Islam is being practised by people in many different countries. Many scholars in different countries are researching further into the religion. Many governments and countries follow the very same religion. Funding / support are available from different states. Islam is not dependent on any group/ country or government.

The same can be said about Christianity. It gets support from many different quarters.

Let us look on what happened with Buddhism.  It found great following in China and became as the Faith of many Chinese. But as we recall History, we will see how the Chinese Communists killed the very same religion. Because Buddhism was not practised by any other group/ country hence it leads to its Death. Only Exiled Tibetans are now the torch bearers of the dim Buddhist flame.

Similarly Hinduism is also only practised by Indians. What will happen if we Indians (ALL FAITHS) do not support the very same religion? What happens if we don’t support this part of CIVILIZATION/ CULTURE/FAITH.

Hindu Faith symbols are found in India. 
We do not have Big Christianity or Islamic Symbols. We should develop them. But we must first try and preserve The Hindu Faith Symbols because if we falter at this then the next generations will know nothing about them. Generations of other faiths will be fortunate to view their faith symbols, if not in India then all across the Globe but Hindu faith generations will not be so lucky.

Today, if you wear anything saffron then you are in danger of being branded as Communal. 
Our Politicians also uses Saffron Terror as a Terrorist Group.  Let us not move into the Political space as they have vested Interests. 
But as a part of this Civilization and an Indian we must not repeat Chinese History. We all, regardless of our Political Affliation/Faith/Caste must support Hinduism.

We must all contribute towards this faith, not because this is a religion but because we all Indians have a responsibility in contributing towards this great symbol of CIVILIZATION.

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