Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Modi is the only leader who can bridge the Center State ever widening GAP

UPA 2 has failed badly in building confidence with the States.

1.       One reason can be Congress has no big regional leader, who can guide them in building trust and confidence with other regional Leaders.

2.       All there State Leaders are more interested in Union Jobs rather than understanding current Regional Issues.

3.       In Future, India might witness more Friction between the Centre and the States.

4.       Looking at the current scenario, UPA will not be able to match to these future complex issues.

5.       Be it financial issues of GTC or security issues in NCTC, UPA has not been able to work with the different Federal Leaders.

6.       Result is, India is suffering.

Before we move to why Modi, let us try to figure out what about other regional Heads?

1.       People might argue that Nitish Kumar will be able to smoothen the Federal - Union Frictional Environment.

2.       He has worked in the Central Government as well as right now leading a State.

3.       At an individual Level, this can be justified, but the drawback in this case is that his party is not a National Party.

4.       In case if he leads the government then he would always be trying to patch a BIG BIG Coalition and might not be able to deliver in that structure.

5.       The same case replicates with other Regional Leaders like Mamta, Naveen, Mulayam, Sharad pawar etc. All have this drawback; their parties are too small to lead any government at the Centre.

This is what Modi brings that no other leader has in today's political environment.

1.       He has been successfully leading a State to a glorious future.

2.       He has been able to achieve good growth in his state in spite of a Hostile centre.

3.       He will understand all aspirations of a Federal Head. And can talk to other Federal Heads in a language that they can understand as he has been in this Job since last 12+ years.

4.       The advantage he has that other Good federal Leaders dont have is that he represents the Second largest Political Party.

5.       The support that JDU cannot offer to Nitish will be available to Modi from BJP in the Centre.

6.       This unique combination of a regional Head and a National Political Party will be able to bridge the complex State Centre divide.

7.       On top of it Modi is one of the most popular National Level Leaders CURRENTLY IN A REGIONAL ROLE. Hence this will again help him out in is endeavours. With Modi, India will be in a Win-Win situation whether we look from Federal or Central Perspective.

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