Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Direct Cash Transfer will be a curse for Women and Children of India

1.       Direct Cash Transfer will be a curse for Women and Children of India

2.       The UPA government wants to give money directly to people WITHOUT ANY CONTROL

3.       Can the UPA commit that this Tax Payers Money will not be distributed to any ANTI National and this money will not fund any Anti National Activities.

4.       Before we move forward we need to understand the ground situation in India

5.       The ground reality is that Women and Children have a very little say when it comes to managing money

6.       In the current Subsidy system, Families get a set quantity of Food material, Kerosene etc.

7.       Hence all the time the subsidized material would meet its purpose.

8.       Are we sure that when we would give cash, then how much it benefit the Family.

9.       In many cases: Men in the family would wait for the day when money will get transferred into their account.

10.   The next step would be to take that money to the Liquor Shops.

11.   Hence the benefit of the cash transfer will not go to the family members but to the Liquor Barons.

12.   In some other cases, there can be many emergency situations that can come across the family.

13.   These emergency situations might not be as important as Food but still when there is money in account, you tend to think differently.

14.   Who will suffer?

15.   I request the UPA government to reconsider this scheme as it will bring more evil then good.

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