Saturday, 31 December 2011

Pass Lokpal and let the government off the Hook:

The biggest beneficiary of passing the Lokpal will be the Central Government. Because with this action the government will be able to pass on the responsibility of cleaning of system to a bureaucratic setup and will be off the Hook.

For citizens of this country the government (past and present) is responsible for this rotten corrupt system. A Majority will hold the Political Leaders responsible for the same.''

Everybody remembers who Late Mrs Indira Gandhi was, but how many of us remember who all Chief Secretaries served under her. In the world stage we all know who Obama is but do we remember the bureaucracy details in his government. And in a Democracy this is how it must be.

It is the Political leadership who come to the citizens with their manifestoes and gets elected. No where a bureaucratic position is selected by citizens, it must be the prerogative of the Government. We have given the responsibility of running to our country to our Political Leadership and not to the Bureaucracy. Again, in a Democracy this is how it must be.

This does not demean Bureaucracy but this is how a democracy must function. It is the Political Leadership who must take all the credit as well as the blame for the Governance.
With Lokpal all this is going to change.

Once a Lokpal will be passed, it would have the sole responsibility to deal and clean this rotten System. The Political leadership will be able to hide behind the Lokpal. For every issue they would claim they created the Lokpal. Is this how democratic setup should look like?

In the recent times RTI was passed. Should we allow the government to say that it is the responsibility of RTI to clean corruption and please don’t make us responsible for the same.

But after Lokpal this can change. The government will get the breathing space and will be able to put all the responsibility on the shoulders of Lokpal.

Lokpal can be one of the paths to have a cleaner system.

The government has been chosen by us and we should left the prerogative of the path to be taken with the government. We should help the government in telling them what all paths are available. We should determine the performance of the government by the actual result of removing corruption. We should not force them in take a specific path and if they fail using that path they would be let off the hook by saying we said you so.

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