Sunday, 1 January 2012

Lokpal will not be able to remove corruption, wanna bet?

I used to get dirty drinking water at my home. I got a water filter and started getting clean drinking water. This was easy as I had to filter out only 10 - 20 liters of water every day.

There is a small lake that has got dirty water. I think we can try and get a Filter system created and clean the water in the Lake.

But can anyone say that we can create a Filter system and clean the Ocean Water if it gets dirty.
Well that is the same hope that we are having with Lokpal.
Today corruption is everywhere. We can go the extent in saying that where there is money there is some sort of corruption present. Be it Government or Corporate or Religious institutes or NGO’’s or Trusts etc etc.. It is bigger than the ocean and can be traced to every part of the country.

SO can a Lokpal clean it?

I am not very sure of the Procedure that the Lokpal institute will take. But whatever it may take, I don’t think it will have much impact. The Basic reasoning for this is that Process for Justice only gets completed once the top most court (Supreme Court) stamps the same, assuming that the accused will always try for the same.
Let us assume that for any corruption case, Indian citizen appeals to Lokpal. Lokpal accepts the appeal, gets the Investigation completed. Lets us assume that this activity gets completed in 30 days. So is this the end? Sorry.. this will be the starting of the Fight for the Citizen for the closure.

(We are assuming the Lokpal Offices would be available on closer vicinity and the Infrastructure would match to a minimum level, else the Indian citizen will lose half the battle in managing the Logistics as is the case with our other institutes)

After this the case will be taken to Lower judiciary for Prosecution. And this is where it will all fail. Do we need to explain why, because it will take next 10-20 Years for the Indian Citizen for justice. How many people want to spend next 20 years to fight for their Passport or Ration card or Driving License?

Should we not go to the Judiciary and let Lokpal be the Judge. WOW.. let’s not even try this path.
So what is Lokpal achieving for our system? The only thing that Lokpal will be able to get us is accept the petitioners appeal and get an Investigation done and register the case to the Judiciary. From there on it would be the same queue that has lakhs of People already waiting for.

In between the Lokpal can take action on the Corrupt official, but please remember that for the Indian Citizen that will not be the closure of the appeal. The closure will only happen after 20 odd years.
Let’s assume in the current system an Indian citizen goes to the Police and is not able to get the complaint registered. Eventually the Petitioner has a right to go to the court and get the Investigation Procedure started in the knowledge of the court. In this case the duration for investigation might take a little longer. And the same procedure will continue as mentioned above. This is where we are failing right now and after Lokpal this is where we will again fail..

The real Problem is that there is a Gap in demand and supply. There are more people who are demanding Justice and there are less number of People who can supply that justice (There are more cases and less number of Judges). If we can resolve are judicial cases much quicker, I feel me might not even need the Lokpal or any such institute.

SO anybody wanna take the bet?

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