Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Difference between Gujarat Riots and ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pundits for Secular TV Media

Difference between Gujarat Riots and ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pundits for Secular TV Media

The pain, sufferings and animal behavior of Human Kind was displayed in both cases. So is there a difference between two kinds of Human Suffering. For Our Secular Media there is a Big Difference.

1.       Please calculate the Total Duration that these Secular Media Channels have devoted on the Gujarat Riots in comparison on the Ethnic Cleansing of the Pundits from the Valley.

2.       We do remember the Jafari case and the Name of the people who suffered that tragedy. Have we seen a single similar case discussed by the secular Media at the same length and passion from Kashmiri Pundits? There can be two reasons. Either so such similar Incident happened during the Ethnic Cleansing or the secular media never gave such importance to the same.

3.       We do remember the Bilkis Bano case. Do we know a single Bilkis Bano from the Kashmiri Pundits side? Why have they been ignored by secular media since last couple of decades?

4.       We have seen Prof Bandukwala over and over again on these Secular Media channels. Why don’t we remember the face of a single Pundit Professor who suffered the ethnic cleansing? I can mention many other such examples but it’s better that I move on.

5.       We have seen so many activists trying to get justice for the Gujarat victims. How many such Activists are fighting for the Kashmiri Pundits?

6.       We reemphasize that riot victims cannot return to their villages and are staying 2-3 Km away from the same. What is the distance between the Native village and current residence for kashmiri Pundits.

7.       We all remember the name of the Kashmiri Boy who accidently died in the Stone Pelting. We don’t know a single boy from Kashmiri Pundit who was cleansed.

8.       We view 10 Years after the Gujarat Riots on many Media channels. Have we ever seen 10 Years or 20 Years or 30 Years after the Pundits cleansing?

9.       We see every one blames BJP, Modi, VHP for the Gujarat riots. We have never seen the secular Media blaming any single entity for the Pundits Cleansing.

10.   Secular Media wants Modi to apologize for the Gujarat Riots. But the same media has never asked for any apology from anyone for the Pundits Cleansing.

Is the difference because Gujarat is more important than Kashmir or is it because Modi has to be demonized more than anybody else.

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