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Congressmen defending Gujarat oops sorry, Assam Riots

Congressmen defending Gujarat oops sorry, Assam Riots
The Latest Riots in Incredible Indian history are significant because they give an insight on How Congressmen Would have defended the Gujarat Riots:
The following statements have been given by the Congressmen on Assam Riots (Just replace Assam with Gujarat and the rest is history)
Tarun Gogoi: If Centre knew, why didn't they send army earlier?
All the time for Gujarat riots we were criticizing Modi for calling the Army Late during Gujarat Riots and Congress Chief Minister just confirms that the Chief Minister can do nothing on this.
By the way in how many days was Army called for an Unexpected Event (Gujarat Riots) and in How many days was the army called where there were intelligence reports available9(Assam Riots)
A leading News Channel is now blaming the Army that it was not interested in going to Assam. De we allow Army to decide on such matters. Did Army reject going to Gujarat also?
Digvijaya: Assam has Ethnic Conflict History
Is this a justification for Riots. Then in that case Gujarat also had Communal Violence History before 2002.
Digvijaya: Gogoi cannot resign as you cannot judge the performance of Chief Minister on One incident
Hence we cannot judge the Performance of Modi on 2002 (Only One incident). Rather there have been no riots in Gujarat since 2002.
Digvijaya: When any Incident takes place it is the District Administration that tries to control the situation. We need to give them sufficient time to see that the situation is under control. The Army cannot be brought in every incident.
Let us use the same reasoning for 2002
Digvijaya: This is the fourth similar incident in last 2 decades.
Hope we don’t use this one ever.
Manishankar Aiyar: Gogoi has done wonderful job in Assam but it is the Local Administration was at fault.
Let us use this statement as is For Gujarat. Oops For Mani and Other Congress leaders, Gujarat means only and only N Modi.
Manishankar Aiyar: I am impressed with the fact (after Displacement of so many Assames)  the Administration is acting and is doing a good job.
Let us replace Assames by Gujaratis.
Manishankar Aiyar: BJP is totally discredited in Assam.
People will say Congress is totally discredited in Gujarat hence we must not listen to Congress.
Congressmen have been reasoning that Riots happened in Rural area but 2002 happened in the city of Ahmadabad. Well 1983 happened in the Capitol of India i.e New Delhi or was Delhi rural in 1983.
All congressmen have been explaining the reason on why the Riots happened.  All have different Technicalities. Let us try and put those technicalities for 2002.
I can go and try to find similar Statements by Congressmen when defending 1983.  And then reuse the same statements for 2002.
Similarly i can go back and look at the comments made for Bhagalpur and so on.

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  1. Every time when all talks about Godhra riots, it make me worried how can they forget what happen with Hindu's on sabarmati express. Every time when they claim themselves as secular, how can they forget what had happened with Sikh's..?? I really can't understand, how we have forget many more things and still keep voting to congress. Not just congress but all those who had voted to congress are now equally responsible for all these which have happened.