Friday, 3 August 2012

Shri Chidambaram as Home Minister was now a liability for UPA

 Shri Chidambaram as Home Minister was now a liability for UPA

Following are the reasons why Shri Chidambaram was a Liability for UPA as HOME MINISTER

1.       Ramdev: The Home Ministery and Delhi Police handled the Ramdev Eviction in a most Un-professional Manner. There was a lot of anger form public society on that very issue. Ramdev has said he will be revisiting Delhi on 9 Aug. Probably UPA Leadership thought that Chidambaram might bring more embarrassment to the UPA again.

2.       Batla House Encounter and Next Gen Elections: Mr Digvijay Singh (Mouth Piece of Gandhi Family) had suggested that it might be a Fake Encounter. Some Congressmen also suggested that Mrs Gandhi had tears because of the same. Next general Elections may happen any time. The Minority Quota has been struck down by the Supreme Court. UPA thinks that this might help them win some Minority votes by removing Mr C as Home Minister.

3.       Saffron Terror: (Col Purohit and the Pragya Singh Thakur): There are media Reports that Col Purohit was not actually involved in the Terrorist acts, rather he was playing under cover to identify the Terror Module. There has been no Progress on Pragya case.  On top of it Shri Chidambaram invented the Saffron Terror Term. Keeping the next Gen Elections in mind UPA don’t want to be seen on the wrong side and probably thought that by taking Home Ministry from Mr C they would be able to calm emotions.

4.       Maoists: Mr C has been taking hard position against the Maoists. There are media reports that Mrs Gandhi/ Rahul Gandhi wanted a soft approach towards the Maoist issue. Again keeping the elections in mind and probably giving a soft message to the Maoists, Mr C was ousted from the Home Ministry.

5.       Budget for the Election year:  In the last general Elections Mr C presented a very Popular Budget. Many Analysts believe that the Popular Budget helped UPA in a big way and was a reason for their victory. Mr Pranab might not have allowed that to happen under his nose.  Mr C has done it earlier so let’s promote him as Finance Minister and hope for the Best.

6.       Mr C is not a Dalit: Mr Shinde, New Home Minister has said that he has been promoted as home Minister because he is a Dalit. It was Mr Rajiv Gandhi who promoted Mr Buta Singh, a dalit as a Home Minister. Now it was Sonia Gandhi’s turn to copy the act. Unfortunately Mr C is not a Dalit and Next Gen Elections are coming.

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