Thursday, 6 September 2012

Democracy Outsources Right to legislation to Parliament and not Right to Debate

Democracy Outsources Right to legislation to Parliament and not Right to Debate
1.       During the last week something strange has been happening.

2.       Secular Media Activists have been focussing more on issue of Debate in Parliament rather than the actual Issue of Black Corruption in form of Coal.

3.       If the Secular Media is so worried about the non Functioning of Parliament then they must focus on Stopping of Legislation work rather than the Debating part.

4.       The reason being any Democracy cannot just give 700 Odd individuals the right to Debate.

5.       Right to debate is sole of any Democracy and it rests with every citizen of this country.

6.       Be it Chai Shops or Pan Corners. Be it CII meetings of Gram Panchayats.  Be it a Social Gathering or any other Professional Meeting. Debate must go on everywhere on the scam.

7.       In case of coal scam, there is no requirement of a legislation being passed.

8.       There is a requirement of in-depth details and One day of Parliament Debate cannot bring out all issues out in the Open.

9.       This issue needs to be discussed again and again to bring out clarity to the citizens of India.

10.   In Parliament, only Politian’s have the right to debate.

11.   In case we say it is not fair to take debate outside parliament then where will the common man and other intellectuals cast their opinion.

12.   Rather than escaping the issue of Coal Scam by saying that Debate must happen only in Parliament we must say that Debate this scam anywhere and everywhere to bring out maximum clarity to Citizens of India.

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