Sunday, 2 September 2012

Secular Activists are blaming Constitution / Supreme Court/ NHRC etc for Injustice to 1984 Riot Victims

Something very special has been happening since Justice has come to 2002 Gujarat Riot Victims.
The Secular Activists have been claiming that this Justice has happened because of Constitution / Supreme Court/ NHRC etc.

If not for them then Justice would never have seen light in case of 2002.

So then a very Important Question needs to be answered:

1.       Why Supreme Court was not able to bring Justice to 1984 Victims --- Was Supreme Court Weak back in 1984 and is stronger to bring Justice in 2002?

2.       Why constitution of India Helped 2002 Riot Victims and Failed Victims of 1984 Victim ---- Has Constitution changed, so that in 2002 it can help Riot Victims but was unable to do so in 1984?

3.       NGO’s played a big role in Justice for 2002 Victims. Why did they ignore the plight of 1984 Victims? Do they have a double sight for different Riot Types?

4.       Human Right Organizations were helping the Riot Victims in 2002. Phew.... they also failed the victims of 1984.

5.       Minority Commission of India helped 2002 Victims. Do Sikhs don’t belong to the minority community in India.

Till now we were of the opinion Congress party or the Government are to be blamed for the 1984 Riots.

But I am unable to understand that as per Secular Activists ---- Constitution / NGO’s / NHRC etc. brought Justice to 2002 Victims.

Then were they all sleeping when 1984 happened.
Or should we investigate, why did these honourable Entities were not able to help the 1984 Victims?

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