Saturday, 8 September 2012

Secular Media Activists: Lets us paint all Political Parties Black in Coal Scam, it might give some comfort to the UPA Government

1.       The Media coverage of the Coal Scam has been astonishing.

2.       Not because of the UPA government’s Coal Scam but much more by the coverage of the scam by Secular Media Activists.

3.       In the first Phase of the Media Campaign BJP was facing the heat by these activists for Disruption in the Parliament.

4.       Now in the Second Phase these Activists are trying to paint all Parties Black in the Coal Scam.

5.       This might not directly help the UPA Government but it helps them by distributing the Coal Scam heat on all Political Parties.

6.       It reminds us of very much what the Anna Movement and Now the Arvind Movement were trying to do.

7.       They were also blaming the complete Political System on the corruption issue.

8.       If we recall then the same Media Activists condemned that very movement, on the argument that how can they paint the complete political system Black.

9.       How can we compare coal Allocation controlled by UPA government (Headed by prime Minister) with a Recommendation letter by a Chief Minister?

10.   How can we compare coal Allocation controlled by UPA government (Headed by prime Minister) with an action in which a Junior Partner is selected for Coal Mining, with the Majority share with the State Government?

11.   Tomorrow if there is any Irregularity found in MCD, then should we use it to compare and EQUATE corruption in the PMO?

12.   Similarly should a state corruption issue be compared with the corruption allegation on the Prime Minister?

13.   The same actions were repeated when 2G corruption was pointed on the UPA Government.

14.   These Media Activists then used Yeddyurappa Corruption Allegation to showcase that there is corruption in BJP ruled state and we cannot blame the PMO or the Prime Minister alone.

TODAY Ceaser's wife has black glory all over it so let us try to clean that rather then equitable distribution of the Great Black Gold Scam.

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