Sunday, 18 November 2012

Thank god: Nov of 2012 was totally different from the Nov of 1984

1.       Today all Indians must be relieved after a very peaceful cremation of Shri Balasaheb Ji.

2.       Whenever a Big Political figure expires, there is always danger to peace.

3.       India experienced Sikh Massacre when Indira Gandhi expired in 1984.

4.       It is alleged that Congress workers were behind the Sikh Genocide.

5.       They probably got agitated for the Death of their Supreme Commander and forgot that Ordinary Sikhs were not responsible for the same.

6.       Probably Congress Leadership / Police/ Human Right Activists also turned a blind eye to the Sikh Community.

7.       Shiv Saniks have always been associated as a violent political group.

8.       They have shown aggression in different Political / Ideological Situations.

9.       But the Behaviour displayed by the Cadre was something that must be recognized and appreciated.

10.   Probably this is Shri Balasahib ji’s Legacy.

11.   It is unfortunate that a Great Leader like Indira Gandhi’s Legacy will always have the Sikh Massacre as a very big Black Spot.

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