Sunday, 4 November 2012

Building Political Capital with your KARMA versus Inheriting Political Capital because of your JANMA

1.       Next Year General Elections are said to be a contest between Shri Modi and Master Rahul Gandhi.

2.       In other words we can re-define the contest to be between the theory of Karma and Janma.

3.       Coming from a Poor background, working in different roles, winning elections consistently does not guarantee Shri Modi to be the Prime Minister Candidate of the BJP.

4.       Where-as by taking JANMA in the Gandhi Family makes Master Rahul Gandhi to be Number 2 in Congress party.

5.       It has taken Years of Hard work for Mr Modi to build all the Political Capital and he can be Proud of being a true karma Yogi.

6.       On other hand, Master Rahul Gandhi who inherited the Political Capital generated From Shri Nehru to Mrs Indira to Shri Rajiv to Mrs Sonia, has not been able to achieve that can be spoken about.

7.       A Rich man inheriting a lot of Money gets richer, because of Interest Income being accumulated with time.

8.       But if he is a Bad investor than he risks losing all the previously accumulated capital, leave alone creating new Capital.

9.       Looking at the UP Election Assembly results this example can be associated with the Young Gandhi Icon loosing  the Political Capital Accumulated by Previous Congress Icons.

10.   On the Other hand Mr Modi can be looked upon as a ‘Young’ Poor Entrepreneur who has set an example for a young nation like India on what a true Karma Yogi can achieve.

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