Friday, 20 January 2012

Rush-die and the middle finger

Rush-die and the middle finger

Virat Kohli and Ishant Sharma used their longest finger recently in Australia.

They were honored with abuses, threats and all kind on dirty talks by the so called fans of Cricket.

Those people were not cricket fans, because a gentleman’s game would never support such act.

So what is the relation with Rush-die.

He was to participate in the Jaipur Literary fest.

So called followers of Islam started the same act of abuses, threats and all kind of dirty talks.

Just like a gentleman’s game will not support such action of crazy fans similarly I think that a universal great religion like Islam will never support these Fatwa’s.

So just like the two gentlemen used their middle finger should Rush-die do the same.
I am not saying No, because I agree with the protesters but because this case is different.
I agree with Virat and Ishant for what they did. They might be part of the losing team but they have not offended or disrespected others by their actions.

In Rush-die’s case he has offended as well as made money by those writings.

One man’s freedom (to offend and earn money) must not lead to another’s man agony. Before freedom for all we must first strive for RESPECT FOR ALL.

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