Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How to blame N Modi for Adnan Patrawala case

How to blame N Modi for Adnan Patrawala case

A Hindi and English News channel are thinking the very same right now.

The ways these news channels are covering this case indicate a gross Injustice has happened (by letting of the Four Accused for lack of evidence, all belonging to the majority Group).

Just recently these very news channels hailed the court order that acquitted people (belonging to the minority Group) booked for terrorist acts for lack of evidence. They even demanded apology and compensation from the state for the accused. In those terrorist acts the majority of people killed were from the majority community.

Coming back to N Modi:

Just try and imagine, if this case would have happened in Gujrat. A Minority member loses his life. Four Men from Majority group are acquitted. Do I need to say more:
All the NGO’s and all the SECULAR News channels and all the artists would have condemned N Modi and would have run for his blood.

So Mr N Modi be careful, they might be trying to Link you to this very case.

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