Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Why are we different to SUPPORTERS of Muslim Extremists?

Why are we different to SUPPORTERS of Muslim Extremists?

Something very new is happening in the Jaipur Literary Fest.

A Discussion between Rahul Bose, Shoma, Tarun, Barkha and Mr Javed Akhtar are presenting a new way to treat acts of Extremists.

Before we go ahead with the story, let’s go back in the memory lane and try and find out how all these very same people react when a Hindu extremist action is performed.

The first reaction is to condemn RSS for 12 Minutes for any Hindu Extremist action.

The second reaction is to talk about VHP, Bajrang Dal and Ram Sena for the Next 5 Mins.

Then condemn BJP for the Next 7 Minutes.

And finally close by Condemning Narendra Modi and the Gujrat riots.

This is the standard format that some television channel’s take whenever any Hindu extremist action is recorded anywhere in the country.

In this Rush-die episode something different has happened.
The following lines were heard in the discussion:

1.       How is media playing these debates or are we sensationalizing them…….
2.       Media should not be a medium for orthodoxy…
3.       Media has made the fringe mainstream…..
4.       We have made he Muslims look like lunatic fringe….
5.       Media has manufactured this controversy
6.       Media needs to introspect on the pitch that they have discussed this subject
7.       Why do we need this debate
8.       What will a Muslim get from this debate
9.       Rush-die is himself very intolerant to criticisms

In the total debate no body discussed the State Government / Central Government / Congress role.

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