Friday, 31 August 2012

I think today is the day when India should move away from the Riots Story to the Justice Story.

1.       Why is Justice coming to 2002 Riots?

2.       Because it was Hindu Fundamentalists who according to me were the Rioters.

3.       The train Burning Event was the Trigger and there has been past history of conflict between the two societies.

4.       The BJP MLA was also one of the Hindu Fundamentalist and got convicted.

5.       It is very important to understand that till now no Political Activists who take part in a Riot have ever got convicted.

6.       If BJP Activists would have been part of the MOBS then I am sure not a single conviction would have ever taken place.

7.       The reason is that the Political Activists participate on the behest of a Political Organization and that very organization will do everything to save their skin.

8.       This is the major reason why we are getting such high convictions in 2002 and will never get them in 1984 even if we wait for a lifetime.

9.       The rioters in 1984 riots were not Hindu Fundamentalists but were activists of a certain political Outfit.

10.   It is alleged that Rajiv Gandhi came out on the third day of the riots and the riots stopped as a switch was turned OFF.

11.   Why did the Rioters just switched OFF because of the Political leader asking for them to do so?

12.   It means that it were the Political Activists of that very Organization who were part of the Mob and went back to their homes once a call was made by their Leader.

1984 Riots were between the Political Activists of a Political party and the Sikhs. 2002 Riots were between Hindu Fundamentalists and the Muslims. And probably this is the reason why Justice is coming to 2002 and would never see the Light in case of 1984.

1984 Riots must be wondering in case they will ever have the August 2012 Moment in this LIFETIME

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