Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Let us all help Kejriwal in his effort of fooling Indians

How come Kejriwal got money to offer to Anna as well has money to fight Elections?

1.       Kejriwal has been emphasizing that their party belongs to people. But now he is saying that they will only go to the people on 30% of the total issues/laws. 100% people participation in Kejriwals party has reduced to 30%. But we have to still fool people that it is a People’s party.

2.       Kejriwal is now saying that Corruption cannot be eliminated but can only be reduced now. Till now we were under the impression that Lokpal will be able to get rid of all the ills. But we still have to fool people that Kejriwal is forming his party to eliminate corruption and only corruption.

3.       Kejriwal is entering into politics to get Lokpal bill passed. But Delhi election is a state election. He must then only fight the Parliamentary Election and concentrate his energy on winning it. Why is he now wanting to enter State Elections and increase burden on his New born Political Baby. From Parliament he would be able to pass Lokpal that then can be made applicable on all the states. But we still have to fool people that Kejriwal’s focus is Lokpal and not Delhi Legislative assembly that can do nothing in this law.

4.       It is all about Lokpal and only Lokpal and not about Politics. BJP has taken 30 years and is still struggling to get majority in the Parliament. Congress cannot get Majority on its own. There is no Single Political Party that can commit to get a majority in parliament. So how long will Kejriwal take to get a Majority in Parliament? Probably 50 More Years. Because without the majority he cannot get the Lokpal bill passed.  But we still have to fool people that Kejriwal will get lokpal passed by forming a Political Party and not by an Andolan which might have succeeded in getting Lokpal much faster.

5.       It is both a Political Party and an Andolan: Anna wanted to continue the path of Andolan which can only give Struggle and no Power. To get power you need to enter Politics. But we still have to fool people that it is only an Andolan Party and has nothing to do with Power.

6 Elections will be fought on Electricity Bill Issue and Not Lokpal: The only reason why Kejriwa is forming a political party was to get Lokpal. They seem to have abandoned Lokpal and have come on Local Winnable Election Issues. Issues that every Political Party will raise in Delhi Election. But we still have to fool people that it is about Lokpal but Kejriwal is using Electricity Bills to get into Power to get LOKPAL. Lokpal by Itself cannot get Delhi Power closer to them.



  2. Kejriwal's party is not an intended to be just a party but a way on how we can run Government.

    Corruption can't be eliminated, you are right. And he is speaking big words then he can potentially achieve, but there is something more to this.

    1. If you are a political leader you got to say big words. This is not only important, this is necessary evil.

    2. Do we have better options? Please read about him, and his contributions and the path he has been till now. At the end, we need to trust someone. We can't just keep on blaming, right?

    3. Corruption is not all about Lokpal, there are other dimensions to it. For exmample, the way the political parties manages their funds. Kejriwal is giving people a new access to transparency, which we can just wish to be the norms of the future.

    It still is a party of people. I am dead sure, if you would like to talk to him within three days you will be able to. Not because he has all the time in the hands, but because he listens to people!

    More later =)

  3. I would like to reiterate the words of Mr. KD Singh above for the writer of the article. And at the same time appreciate to-the-point explanation by Mr. Abhishek Gupta.