Monday, 8 October 2012

Jairam Ji and Shri Ram Ji VERSUS Toilet and Temple

1.       A Cabinet minister of a Secular (Hindu Majority) Country suggested that Toilets are more Holy then the Resting Place of Shri Ram.

2.       If we take this example further, is the minister suggesting that Toilet Paper is more holy then the Gita?

3.       Is this an example of Secularism practised by the Congress party?

4.       Can Jairam ji use the same example in comparing Holy symbols of Other Faith Symbols?

5.       Why not the Minister used the Holy symbols of Minority Religion Holy symbols?

6.       Is the Residence of Jairam Ji (Cabinet Minister) holier then Toilets?

7.       Let us calculate the Total Space used by all our Political leaders for their Residences. And Let us compare all the total space occupied by the Temples.

8.       I have a feeling that our Political Gods will overtake our Religious Gods, when calculating the total space used by them.

9.       Should we use space occupied by RajGhat when doing the comparisons?

10.   Is Shri Ram to be blamed that this country has not given decent sanitations to the citizens of this country?

11.   Is the blame game now to be played between the Congress party and Hinduism on sanitation condition of this Country.

12.   Or we must hold accountable the Government.

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