Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Indian Army must show compassion for Foreign DNA just like Congress Party.

1.       There are Media reports that Indian Army ordered an ‘investigation’ into one of its Major, coming in contact with a foreign national.

2.        Army Major, in order to get married to the foreign national, tried quitting from the service as the Army rules don’t allow serving officers to marry foreign nationals, his superiors refused to relieve him of his duties citing ‘staff crunch. As suggested in some Media Reports.

3.       I think The Indian Army needs to take some lessons from the Congress Party.

4.       The Congress party was supposed to be in all kind of troubles and falling apart.

5.       But then Congress party chose Sonia Gandhi to lead the party as well as our nation.

6.       The results were good as the Foreign DNA helped the congress party in coming to power consecutively.

7.       When Foreign DNA can decide who will be the Defence Minister/Prime Minister then how Indian Army can have rules that serving officers can not marry foreign nationals.

8.       The same way Congress party got better with Foreign DNA, I believe our Army can also walk on the same lines.

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