Saturday, 4 February 2012

2G: One of the best policies implemented by the government (NDA and UPA)

A Messenger (communication medium or information medium) can never be costly else it will kill the message or the information.

Why is the government not emphasizing on this.

Have we forgotten the days when postal department was in huge losses? But the cost of Post cards and Inland letters were kept to minimum. The government was not earning money from the Postal Services. But poor people needed a cost effective mechanism to communicate.

We all use emails to communicate. It is a free service that we use. The government should start taxing every email and earn Profit out of it. Why Not?

Why do newspapers cost so less. No Subsidies should be there.

To view 250 Channels the cable fee we need to pay only 300 Rs for a Month. Why?

India is an IT Hub. If Spectrum goes costly will we as remain as competitive?

There are many other examples where we are using SPECTRUM related services every day in our life.
SPCTRUM is a part of communication medium. If it gets costly it automatically will make communication very expensive for a common man. This will impact Businesses in an unprecedented manner.

2g Policy is nothing but Subsidizing Spectrum. Let’s accept it. All Indians are using that subsidy in one way or the other.

This policy has helped India grow by making communication less expensive.

If you want government to make money out of it then please remember: This money will come out of our very own Pockets. The service providers will bid for the spectrum and pay for the same but will then extract it out from customers i.e We the People. Are we ready to pay additional bills in an inflated economy?

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