Friday, 24 February 2012

Biggest Difference between the Gujarat Riots and Sikhs Massacre

Biggest Difference between the Gujarat Riots and Sikhs Massacre

Two bloody events were forced on India. Both ink a black spot for Our Civil society.
What was the biggest difference between the two bloody events.

One happened when Congress was in power and the other when BJP was in power. NO

The Biggest Difference was MOTIVATION:

In any Criminal Case the first thing that the Prosecution does is establishes a REASON and builds a case around it. The Reason is so strong that it Motivates one to commit the crime

In Gujarat the riots happened after the tragedy of Godhra. A Train coach with Hindus was Burnt allegedly by the Minority Community. This news in modern era spread like fire. I believe there was rage running and once it overtook the Humanity GUJARAT 2002 Happened.

In 1984 we did not had internet, Private News channels and pace of flow of Information was very slow. Our Prime Minister was assassinated by her bodyguard.

What was the Motivation in 1984 that made people of Majority Community act like animal. Did the assassination of Our Late Prime Minister created that rage instantaneously Or was that Motivation 
The victims i.e Sikhs were more integrated with the Majority community. It must have been a very very strong Motivation that made the Majority go Insane.

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