Thursday, 9 February 2012

People of Gujarat versus Television Media:

People of Gujarat versus Television Media:
As per the TV Reports, SIT has found no evidence against N Modi in the Jafri case.

The Breaking News Flicker for these Television Media Channels:
1.       No Prosecutable Evidence
2.       Not Enough Evidence to Implicate N Modi for the Riots.
3.       Etc…..

The above items suggest that N Modi is guilty but cannot be punished.
Anyway this is what the TV Media has been doing since the last decade.

But if today we are still discussing N Modi then it has been because of People of Gujarat.

If N Modi would have lost the last elections then all these TV Media channels would not have even spent a second on him.

So should we agree with the Majority decision that lakh of Gujarati’s have taken or should we cast our opinion on the basis of handful of secular TV Media Journalists?

If today N Modi is being discussed and is still a relevant Political figure then all the credit must go to people of Gujarat.

I believe the People of Gujarat are closer to ground reality. They saw and experienced the riots. They must know the true picture more than any TV journalist.

So should WE THE INDIANS go with the verdict that WE THE GUJARATIS have given again and again or should we go with what WE THE SECULAR TV JOURNALISTS SAY DAY IN DAY OUT.

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