Friday, 17 August 2012

Bits and Pieces of Partition of 1947 visiting in 2012

Bits and Pieces of Partition of 1947 visiting in 2012
1.       The new generation of India have heard stories about the 1947 Partition.

2.       I always thought that how can we have mass exodus of citizens on the basis of events happening in the other part of the country.

3.       Well if we look at the recent events with the North East Indians we can relate how much worse it would have been in 1947.

4.       I urge the Congress party that although they were not able to stop the 1947 Partition. But hope they will take much needed Proactive steps that kills this Fear Environment.

5.       We had a similar exodus for Kashmiri Pundits. But that was restricted with one part of the country. This time around it has already touched Pune / Mumbai / Chennai / Bangalore / Hyderabad.

6.       It all started with Mumbai. Why did it then spread to other parts?

7.       Amar Jawan Jyoti, A National Symbol was destroyed in a shameful manner. Pseudo secularists will slam me for my next statement. But I feel this was a more shameful act even more then the demolition of Babri Masjid. This was a National Symbol representing our Marty’s being vandalised.

8.       Women Constables Molested. And many other shameful acts performed.

9.       Many Pseudo secularists appreciated the role of the Mumbai Police for handling the Mumbai shame with Patience.

10.   The reason being given that if the Mumbai Police had tried to have a strict face for the Goons then it would have created further Communal Problems.

11.   If tomorrow someone tries to vandalize Parliament, another Indian National Symbol then also the Police must then let that happen but not have a strict action as it might further lead to communal problems.

12.   That means strict action can only be used for Peaceful Agitations that Ramdev had and Delhi Police used all available tools to wake up and terrorize sleeping Citizens in the middle of Night.

13.   I still feel that if Mumbai would have been rightly tackled and a clear signal sent to the rioters then the fire would not have spread to other Indian Cities.

14.   Probably I and Pseudo secularists have a different understanding of the situation. I am only an Ordinary citizen who wants a peaceful nation and wants Its National Symbols to be given Utmost respect.

1.       Should this approach of Mumbai Police be taken as a Benchmark and adopted for all type of MOB Violence? This will be music to Bajrang Dal/VHP.

2.       Government of India believes that the Rumours started from Pakistan. This is a bigger issue as we cannot stop the speakers of Pakistan. Can we stop Hafiz Sayeed from spitting venom against India? Then how the government does plans to stop anonymous users of Social Media all across the globe including Pakistan.

3.       Since the government cannot stop the speakers, at least we must try to reign in the Listeners. Listeners who belonged to the Mumbai Mob. I believe they were fellow Indians and not from any Foreign country.

4.       I still feel that North East Indians were not scared by posts on the Social Media. But they never had the Confidence in the Government that they will be protected. They felt at danger from other Fellow Indians.

5.       UPA and Congress also did not sent the right message across the NORTH EAST Indians. We had Sushma Swaraj/ Nitin Gadhkari/ Banglore Home and Chief Minister interacting One to One with the North East Indians. Those images were circulated by Our Media and sent a very clear signal.

6.       But I was not able to see any NORTH EAST Indian face alongside our PM, UPA Chairperson, Home Minister. Probably that symbolism would have sent the right signal.

7.       Or probably the congress thought that currently there is Muslim anger against North East Indians. Hence they did not want to be photographed alongside them. We don’t know.

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