Saturday, 11 August 2012

Pakistani Hindu, Bangladeshi Muslim and the UPA Government

Pakistani Hindu, Bangladeshi Muslim and the UPA Government

There are media reports that around 250 odd Pakistani Hindu families want to find shelter in India. As per some media reports the External Affairs Ministry says that the issue needs to be looked upon by the Home Ministry. Shelter for the families will depend on their condition and so on.

Many leading Personalities have been critical of the position taken by the Government including Past Diplomats like G Parthasarthy. They want the government to proactively listen to their concerns.

This approach by the Upa Government is confusing me.  Following are the points that have arisen out of that confusion:

1.       We all agree that the recent Assam Violence was due to illegal immigration of Bangladeshi Muslims in Lakhs into Assam.

2.       There are allegations that these illegal immigrants get valid citizenship documents with the help of local authorities.

3.       The UPA government must be in the know how of things happening. We have indirectly allowed the illegal immigration of Bangladeshi Muslims into India.

4.       It looks like that the UPA Government is not so keen on the Pakistani Hindus to Immigrate into India.

5.       There can be two reasons: Either we don’t like Pakistan and we like Bangladesh or we don’t want Hindus to Immigrate into India but want immigration for Muslims.

6.       It is very important to understand that the Bangladeshi Muslims illegally immigrated into India for better prospects. It was not that they were being threatened or killed or being converted or their girls were being abducted.

7.       On the other hand the Pakistani Hindus want to immigrate back to India because of the above very reasons.

8.       So should we tell to the Pakistani Hindus that the only way to immigrate to India is first get Bangladeshi Citizenship. Then get converted to Islam. Then Enter Assam. Then get your citizenship papers made and then move freely anywhere in India.

9.       Please remember that the only country that the Pakistani Hindus can look upon is India. For Bangladeshi Muslims there are many other Islamic nations that would be more than happy to help. In case India has bandwidth we must support them.

Looking at this chain of Events we all must be happy that Kashmir is Part of India.

Because if Kashmir was another country that the Kashmiri Pundits must have been filling the Immigration forms when Ethnic Cleansing was happening. At least now they can thank that they have got refuge in India without filling the very same Immigration Papers.


  1. do u get inspired to write these? also, what cool-aid do u drink??

  2. very well illustrated!! only somebody with absolute love for his motherland can bring such a serious issue with complete analysis in this tone