Friday, 24 August 2012

How can there be a clean chit for Mr Chidambaram when there has been no Investigation till Now

The most surprising this is how Secular Media People are trying to turn today’s Supreme Court’s Order as a clean chit For Mr Chidambaram.

Please remember there has been no investigation done on Mr Chidambaram’s role on 2G.
All what has been done is that Mr Swamy in his personal capacity is trying hard to find evidence to determine Chidambaram’s role.

It would have been better if the CBI/SIT or any other investigating authority would have investigated the matter. Had put its findings to the Supreme Court and then Supreme Court would have passed its order.

But what has happened is CBI has said it does not finds Mr C involved in the 2G Case. Hence Mr Swamy had to use RTI’s and his other investigating skills to find evidence.  How can anybody in his personal capacity gather so much evidence and then prosecute the Home/Finance Minister of this Country.
We must give credit to him for his exceptional work which got Mr Raja’s into trouble.

Let us take example of Mr Modi. His role is being investigated into the 2002 Riots. But the investigations are being done by SIT. Supreme court is Monitoring the cases. He has appeared before CBI and all the investigation Process is being done. Now after this investigation process if Mr Modi gets acquitted then we can say Mr Modi has got a Clean Chit.

For Mr C to get a clean chit it would be favourable if a Professional Investigation committee performs with Supreme Court monitoring the investigation and then we get a verdict.

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